I’ve. created these images to explore the connection between the Earth and Cosmos 


It comes from the Greek οίκος (house) and from the Greek lόgος (study): it is the science of the relationships between organisms and the environment that hosts them.


It was born as a movement and holistic ecosophy with the Norwegian philosopher Arne Næss in 1972 around 2 main concepts. The first concept postulates that there must be a passage from anthropocentrism centered on the human being to ecocentrism in which the intrinsic value of every living being is recognized regardless of its usefulness. The second concept postulates that human beings are part of nature and not superior and separate from it and that they are called to protect all life on Earth.


It is a transdisciplinary practice that combines the study of the psyche with that of nature and recognizes the correlation between the health of the individual and the natural environment. Born in California to address the causes of social and existential malaise connected to the loss of connection with nature, it relocates the psyche within the larger context of the interconnected network. It seeks to address the cultural causes of alienation and to help people develop an emotional connection with Nature through the exploration of the Ecological Self.


It is a set of multisensory, creative and somatic practices that recognize the intrinsic capacity of nature to heal and heal us (healing understood as “return to wholeness”). It is a practical therapeutic approach that favors our reconnection with nature and with our bodies. It does not just consider Nature as a mere tool for human healing, but also encourages a mutual relationship with it, a true homecoming on Earth, restoring a balanced relationship with Nature and its beings in order to heal the fracture with our own nature, experiencing ourselves as part of nature itself.


In this global moment of climate change is emerging a reality we call “eco anxiety” or climate depression, that has been defined by the American Psychological Association (APA) “as a psycho-physical disorder that corresponds to the” chronic fear of environmental disaster”. But in truth eco-anxiety is not a disease to be addressed as pathology but an healthy response to a real threat, that can motivate new proactive ecological responses and bevahiour changes in our lives. Indeed, the only way to relieve people suffering from this apprehension to help them express their feeling and reconnect with nature.


It brings together Ecology and Spirituality and invites us to rediscover the sacred dimension of Nature, the profound respect for Mother-Earth and the living Cosmos. In this approach, there is a convergence of interconnected threads: the spiritual research of the human being, the existential questions about  the evolutionary project of the human species, the urgency to reconsider and reorient our relationship with the Earth and with other living beings. This field reflects deeply on what it means to return to live in profound harmony within nature and as part of nature.


It is an ecological art, that brings forth strong messages created by artists who work on the theme of the environment and sistemic concerns. Eco-art can also be considered as a form of ecological activism to inform the public about environmental problems while Art in nature and Land Art are similar in ways of creationg, but are less connected to activism. It often uses natural materials that deals with rethinking our relationship with nature and reflects on new ways of coexisting with natural forces and rebuild the cultures we live in.


It is an approach that combines Ecotherapy with Art Therapy. Art therapy promotes psychological well-being through the artistic expression of thoughts, experiences and emotions. By creating art in connection with Nature, we bring outside what is inside of us and we learn to live in profound harmony with the Living World which continually acts as a mirror for us.


It is a form of Ritual Eco-Art developed by Marianne, Eco-Art Therapy in dialogue with Nature. EarthPainting wants to awaken our ancestral-future soul and to offer a practical ecological wisdom for everyone: educational and creative, meditative and interactive. This is a medicine for our times of transformation and transition that supports our reconnection with the Living World. Through indoor and outdoor practices, it also contributes to the pacification of places by partnering with the cycles that regenerate existence. EarthPainting is a catalyst of resilience and promoter of a symbiosis at a new level of consciousness, where the exploration of interconnection takes place through direct multisensory perception. It gives us the opportunity to question ourselves about the way we think of the Universe, to meditate on the cultures and systems we live in, inviting us to find new perspectives and forms of expression to interact with the Living World, by opening ourselves to the sacredness that permeates everything. Its purpose is to contribute to global evolution by bringing healing of the split between humans and the natural world. It can also serve as a tool to reconcile various aspects and conflicting needs with humans: our need for connection and belonging, the gift of human creativity, the emergence of an intelligence of the species, the understanding of ecosystemic reality, the self-reflective quality of our consciousness and the need to find an authentic personal expression in connection with the world and the times we live in.

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” A human being is a part of the whole, called by us “Universe”, a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings as something separate from the rest, a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection to a few persons nearest to us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circle of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty.”

Albert Einstein

A sensitive and resilient (r)evolution to find our place in the Immensity of the Living World is HERE and YOU are part of it!

HONORING means “paying homage, celebrating, respecting, treating with consideration”. Instead, the exact opposite happens in our pseudo-evolved civilizations: we continue to degrade the Earth to the point of causing the extinction of the most vulnerable species.

Practicing Creative Resilience in our wild times is contributing to restore a sacred way of life full of magic, meaning and celebration. It is coming back to love the Earth and grounding back into the basics of respect and mutualism. 

Sensitivity is the antidote to indifference and arrogance because it opens the way to connectivity and compassion.

It brings us back to the the transformative power of our hearts and hands.

Let us be inspired by the Intelligence of Life!

Let us awaken to the true power of the Imagination to generate new stories and to activate fertile visions that nurture the destiny of Mother Earth and its incredible various life!

We believe in a synergistic future of coevolution where human beings learn to harmonize their gifts with the forces of the natural world in service to the future generations, with respect for the wisdom of our Ancestors from all species. 

To shift our trajectory, we need to come back to the eternal questions: who we are? where we come from? where are we going? what is our role in the ecosystem we belong?

But at the same time we need to open to new questions:

How can we orient our creative self-aware consciousness of Sapiens Sapiens to create more inclusion? More mutualism with the human family and beyond, we the more-than-human community of the Earth?

How can we turn back into balance with nature in an increasingly complex global world?

How to honor what is emerging in our daily life?

How may we reignite our connection with our bodies and with the golden sap of Life?

If we choose to question and redirect the intentions underlying our technological innovations and creations towards the healing and re-harmonization of our relationships with the natural world for the benefit of the entire earth community, how would the world would change?
What is holding us from this quantum leap?

These questions will be at the heart of our journey together.

You will craft your own intimate answers at your own pace. 

We are exponentially more people willing to partner with Mother Earth and YOU are part of this wave too!

Indigenous and Native People, Ancient Wisdom Keepers, Precursors of the New World, Pioneers, Visionary Souls, Explorers of New Sustainable Paths, Guardians of the Living World, Children of Gaia, Guardians of Mother Earth, Catalysts of Evolution, Agents of Change, Artists and Poets, Visionaries and Dreamers, Co-Creators, Sacred Activists, Empaths, Hypersensitives, Sacred Rebels, Peacemakers and Weavers of Unity, Planetary Healers, Lightworkers, Modern Mystics and Shamans, Medicine Women & Men, Guardians of Beauty, Starseeds, Consciousness Activators, Lovers of the Earth…



When our souls are touched by the world, we can act on the behalf of our relations


✓ Existential

✓ Ecosystemic 

✓ Sensory-Experiential

✓ Interactive-Creative-Circular

✓ Coevolutionary-Synergetic

✓ Intuitive-Vibrational

✓ Celebrative-Reciprocal




We will explore

✔  The Way of Nature
✔  The Wisdom of Rhythm 
✔  The Voice of the Body
✔  The Medicine of Beauty
✔  The Power of Gratitude
✔  The Magic of Ancestral Arts
✔  The Subtle Sensory Intelligence 



THE WAY OF NATURE speaks directly to the heart and to the senses of humans, young and old, because it weaves an affective relationship with the Living World, which translates naturally into a reverence and a deep love towards Nature and therefore in our desire to preserve Her.
Learning to coexist and coevolve with the biodiversity in a more respectful, intelligent and harmonious way is part of the challenges of our times. 

” If we understand Earth as an organism that lives and breathes, we can heal ourselves and heal the Earth. When we can see that our body is a wonder, it gives us the opportunity to see the Earth as a wonder and the healing can happen for the body and for the Earth. When we come back into ourselves to take care of us, we heal not only our body and our spirit but we also help the Earth” 

Thich Nhat Hanh