• FLOW: focus, manifestation, practice
    • PURPOSE : Certification as EarthPainting Keepers 
    • VIBRATIONS: facilitation skills, practical details and ethical aspects 
    • CREATION:  2 live calls of group coaching about facilitation skills for the EarthPainting rituals, practical pdf, practices
    • COMMUNITY:  in sacred circle 

    Prerequisite : completion of the journey “Into the Rhythm of Nature” 



    EarthPainting is born in 2010 as a Gift from Life, as an Art of Resilience and Symbiosis, a Cocreative Dance of Reciprocity, as a practical-beautiful way to move through my grief with the support of Nature and to connect with the natural beings of the places we live.

    It actually manifested as an inner vision through an experience of breathing called “Rebirthing”, after the loss of my first daughter Emilie the day of her birth. I remember the autunnal day when I envisioned vivid landscapes of Earth-centered cultural aliveness with extraordinary clarity. It was like a cristalline lucid dream: I was seeing myself co-creating organic colors and crafting brushes in the forest with native communities of the most sacred places of the Earth. I was contributing to set up intergenerational spiritual painting ceremonies in synergy with the people of the lands, who were still connected to Mother Earth. They were guardians of an ancient wisdom that western industrial cultures had lost.

    By painting together, we were able to transmit this wisdom and to connect People, Nature, Culture, Cosmos, Earth and Spirit. 

    In these huge joyful paintings on the dusty grounds, people were coming together to make art from earthy and cosmic energies: an Ritual Art of Interconnectedness through natural elements, symbolic forms, vegetal pigments and barks, dances and songs.

    These extraordinaries EarthPaintings were like prayers and living librairies through which each culture could express, preserve and transmit their wisdom and ways of connecting with the Source of Life.

    I preserved the seed of this vision in my womb for many years and I kept on practicing for myself this eco-art-therapy with huge benefits for the balance of my nervous system, my feelings, my creative and spiritual path.

    It was my intimate way of connecting to Earth’s wisdom and a way of making beauty and being curious and appreciative with the seasons of life. 

    My second daughter Anais is born in 2015. With her, I explored this connection in a more playful eco-creative and educative way. In 2017 I began to pass on this framework to people in sacred circles in Rome and was invited to offer this experience abroad and even in corporate organizations.


    Now this ritual framework is for you to connect with yourself and with the other, to reconnect with the majesty of Nature, to communicate with the natural Beings. 

    It is for you as a Medicine, as a Practice, as a Sacred Ritual Art.

    With the CERTIFICATION Module you will be enabled to transmit it and to share it with your communities.

    All publics can benefit from this eco-creative practice: kids, adults, families, minorities, organizations. 

    EarthPainting is a portal to Earth& Cosmos Wisdom through the lens of Beauty, Sacredness and Interconnectedness.

    It is a beautiful to awaken and explore the Ecological Self beyond concepts. 

    Earth Art | Awakening of the Senses 

    Partnering with the Earth through the Way of Beauty

    Tap into the power of wonder to return to the Language of Life through your senses !
    EarthPainting is a framework developed by Marianne: an organic art, a practice of Eco-Art-Therapy, a set of indoor & outdoor rituals, a co-creative dance with the Living World. 
    • Earth Art / Land Art
    • EarthPainting with organic pigments and colors
    • Natural Mandalas & Earth Altars
    • Deep Time Journeys & Sharing Circles

    ·~ ·

    Though your destination is not yet clear

    You can trust the promise of this opening;

    Unfurl yourself into the grace of beginning

    That is at one with your life’s desire.

    Awaken your spirit to adventure;

    Hold nothing back, learn to find ease in risk; Soon you will home in a new rhythm,

    For your soul senses the world that awaits you

    John O’Donohue, For a new beginning

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