I am a daughter of the Earth and of the Cosmos, a living alchemy between the Above and the Below, a Visionary Soul, a Creative Conduit and a Sacred Activist in service to Evolution and Mother Gaia. 

I am interacting as an Intuitive Artist, a EarthPainter, Ecotherapist, Soul Art Therapist and Professional Counselor & Creative Coach, Author, Teacher and Founder of the Color of The Soul Ritual & Training School and EarthPainting Framework.

As a Catalyst of Evolution through Inspirational and Transformational Rituals for individuals and community since 2008,  I offer individual and group sessions and rites of passage in connection to Soul and Nature where Art is always present as a powerful tool to connect the different parts of ourselves. 

I am mama of Anaïs, a 7 years-old magic girl that inspires me each day. I am French, born and raised in the Paris region: my paternal ancestors come from the lakes of Piedmont in Italy and from the mountains of Jura in France while my maternal ancestors come from the lands of the Côtes-d’Armor in French Britanny. In 2003 I moved to Rome in Italy magnetized by her light –  as an act of resilience and a rite of rebirth- where I continue to live, create and bloom.

My Inner Creative Mystic finds her deepest inspirations in the spaces where Microcosm and Macrocosm spiral together into stunning light and sound patterns, the Codes of Life and Creation. My main focus is on Reconnection with the Soul, Evolution and Co-Evolution, embodiment of the Cosmic Self,  Sacred Union, Soul Retrieval, Ancient and Future ways of Reunion with Nature, Creative Partnership with the Living World.

I am passionate about exploring the Ecological Self through sensual and creative embodiment, Earth Art, Deep Ecology, Ecospirituality and Ecotherapy, Sacred Ritual, Living Communication.

In my “first life” in France, I’ve been nurtured by language, poetry and painting. I graduated in Modern Literature at the Sorbonne and in Museology at the Ecole du Louvre in Paris. In Italy I graduated in Expressive Counseling and Art-Therapy in Rome as a Professional Art Counselor.

In 2008 I gave birth to the methodology – The Color of the Soul Ritual– and I published my book in italian in 2014 “Il Colore dell’Anima: La Pittura Intuitiva per un viaggio di evoluzione interiore” (The Color of the Soul: Intuitive Painting for a journey of inner evolution). In 2019 I founded the “Online Training School of the Color of the Soul ” which has already certified numerous women as Color of the Soul facilitatrix and Midwives of Rebirth.

In 2010, after the loss of my first daughter Emilie, I got initiated by grief into the mysteries of life: at this time, during a life-changing experience I’ve received the vision of EarthPainting. I seeded it within as a lighthouse and a personal healing practice for years before sharing it with people as a framework in 2017. I trained in Italy in Inner Transition (” the changes we need to make within to support ecological transition”) and in Ecotherapy 1 with the EarthBody Institute of California.

My mission is nurtured by interwoven inspirations: EcoArt, Earth-centered Spirituality, Reciprocity’s wisdom, Ancient Rituals, Evolutive Futurology, Resonance and Frequencies, Visionary and Oracular Arts, the Celtic Wheel, the Goddess and the Deep Feminine current, conscious and shamanic dances, The Work-That-Reconnects of Joanna Macy, the dimension of the Dream, Elemental Alchemy and Earth Magic, the Tree and plants wisdom, Ecofeminism, Vedic Wisdom, Poetry, Mysticism …

“Into the Rhythm of Nature” is the fruit of a spiraling process, of a deep work of integration and deep listening in connection with the trees, the stars, the hands and the pulsating heart of Life within us.

May this creation serve the healing of our souls in connection with Nature and inspire the deepest cooperation with the Earth and the Cosmos,

Thanks to the web of life that makes this possible,



☾ Our Earth Angel in support for the journey  


Master and Facilitatrix of The Color of the Soul Ritual. She will be your Earth Angel on this journey.

She is from Puglia in Italy, she is an Intuitive and a Spirit-Woman at the service of Gaia. She decodes the reality that surrounds her through different artistic expressions, divinatory arts and her passion for astrology.

She delivers messages from the Spirits at the right time, in the right place, following her instinct and her own inner compass.


You can contact her on the phone / whatsapp at +39 347 5482047 from Monday to Friday from 10.00 am to 13 am: she will help you and answer all your questions.

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